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Today (Produced By BEATS Bailey)

from No Excuses: The Mixtape by Fink

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What can I say i graduated"/
"Congratulations, Fink, I'm glad you made it"/
But Its sad in a weird way, ‘cuz that chapters done/
And i can't rehash my run/
Yea, no doubt that the Past was fun/
But need to move past it and stash some funds/
"so, (pause) what you gonna do?" Good question/
I love music, gonna make it my profession/8
"Are you suggesting the business side/
Or the rap musician side"/
I don't know, feel conflicted, real mixed inside/
If I, (pause) don't spit will I live a lie?/
But can-I, (pause) live if my ambition dies?/
I like business too, but I live to rhyme/
I know its, (pause) my life, the decisions mine/
But what about the Finkelsteins? Will they think its fine?/

I dono

"Today I feel like pleasing you more then before/ (to my family)
Today I know what I want to do but I don't know what for"/

I know what I want to do, that's simple/
Write words to an instrumental/
But if I continue, going at the pace I have/
I'm just gonna have to face that fact/
That it’s only a hobby if I don't pursue it from here/
If I don't view it as a music career/
How can I prove in the mirror that there's really no excuses to share/
If I don't do it for my future, is that true and sincere?/
I used to say school interfered/
But now the only interference is confusion and fear/
Yea, the stakes are high/
Did I really graduate to rhyme?/
Plus tuition expensive, and my fam paid for mine/
So that I wouldn't have to slave and grind/
But if I aim to rhyme, that's gonna be my means/
If I wanna try to break inside/
And claim fame as mine, so do I wanna take a try?/
Or say fuck it, "lets play it safe this time?"/
-So I please you

I dono

(Chorus: jefferson airplane sample):
"Today I feel like pleasing you more then before/ (to my family)
Today I know what I wanna do but I don't know what for"/

Damn, how can I solve this?/
And not, feel, like I am wrong in the process/
My conscience exhausted, it just wanna guide me right/
(Pause) But it can't conquer the compass/
Lost in a conflict, at a fork in the road/
-To be a rapper or a corporate clone/
Can I make both paths converge? Or is that absurd?/
Na, I think that could work/8
But I would have to, get a job that's concerned/
With rap, or, music, so I can actually learn/
And justify not trying to be a rapper first/
Plus my family'll be glad, that's for sure/
And that's deserved, so a 9 to 5 in the game/
Will help and teach me how to thrive in the game/
So I eventually can climb in the game/
And be a rhymer in a dominant way,
But for now, I'll be honest and say/
I’ma wait for it

"Today I feel like pleasing you more then before/ (to my family)
Today I know what I wanna do but I don't know what for"/


from No Excuses: The Mixtape, released April 20, 2010




Fink New York, New York

Andrew Fink is a songwriter who is based out of NYC. This website highlights Andrew's rap catalogue.

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